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Everyone's a Critic

Aaron West Film Reviews--A very cool looking site, Aaron West offers very clear, concise movie reviews that are always a good read. His shorter reviews are just as good as his longer ones.

All Movie Portal --The very professional film section of UGO.

Boston Globe--Some of Boston's best film criticism.

Boston Pheonix--Some more of Boston's best.

Bucket Reviews --A friend of mine who you'll frequently see on the message board as Danny; very frequently updated and movie reviews with ratings in terms of popcorn buckets.

CineFiles--Now merely a link to "Ain't It Cruel", a smarter alternative to Harry Knowles' sellout "Ain't it Cool".

Currently Playing--A fairly extensive site on mainstream film.

ecinemacenter--Gabe Lebowitz, Rotten Tomatoes forum poster and very friendly dude, writes succinctly and with passion. Definitely check out his "Spirited Away" writings.

Eric Bialas--A great guy from the Rotten Tomatoes message board; the site is sparse in terms of full reviews, but has great features including Eric's own film creations.

Film Critic--An easy to navigate, uber-comprehensive film site with very clear reviews.

Film Essential--A very simply, effectively laid out website with some damn good film writing. I highly reccomend the "Film Chamber" section of the site, with in-depth musings on some classic film.

FilmForce--Get the scoop on a lot of upcoming mainstream "event" movies.

filmsRpriceless- "Dedicated to the Movies"--Another good guy from the RT board with a fine site, it's almost unhealthy how many movies this guy has seen (and he is only a teenager, like myself). A fan of shock cinema and Kiarostrami, one wonders where he gets the time to watch all the movies he does.

The Flick Filosopher--Sharp, witty, humorous, and all-around expertly written reviews by Mary-Ann Johanson.

Genius' Movie Reviews--A spunky, fun site with a growing number of short reviews of mainstream film.

Hollywood BitchSlap--A joint film review site with hoards of critics (and therefore, tons of different opinions.)

In A Movie Place--Very well-written site (and well-conserved, too... updated almost every day; "Othello" from the Rotten Tomatoes message board has the kind of time I wish I had). Reviews of films new and old. Definitely check it out.

Jared's Film Site--The Dude. One cool guy. That's Jared, alright... very chic taste in film, very nice criticism.

JoBlo--Frank criticism from a guy with a pretty wide range of tastes.

The Jujubee--Great writing; this site rates films not by stars, not by letter grades-- but by juiciness!! Check it out.

James Berardinelli--Easily the web's largest non-official film critic's center on the web. Intelligent and precise.

Kris and Sean Movie Reviews --Fun, breezy fare for the casual moviegoer.

Loren's Film Reviews--A good friend of mine, we argue to all hell about three thousand different movies and still manage to respect each other's tastes. Very intelligent writing and a damn cool site as well; just don't be surprised about the political bent of the site.

Mark Dujsik Reviews Movies --Another good friend of mine from the days when we were both members of the "Movie Reviewing Teens"; you can count on Mark to always have his simple, effective site updated with some of the best writing about mainstream film on the web.

Mazzyboi--Another fantastic film review site that seems like it's been up forever (i.e., many older reviews).

Moore Movies--Quite the snazzy site, if I do say so myself; this critic is building up quite a collection. Check it out.

Movie Checkpoint--A bright, easy to navigate site with fine film review.

Movieman's Guide to the Movies--A consistently updated site with reviews from all different canons of film.

Monkeyboy Online--One of the more entertaining film reads on the web; the name alone should clue you in to Monkeyboy's sense of humor.

NY Post--I sometimes like to hop in here for a quick read.

Paul's Eye Movie Reviews --The rare film site which also talks about autos and sports.

Qwipster's Movie Reviews--Another oft-updated site with plenty of reviews.

Roger Ebert--Good ol' Rog, no matter how many films he gives 3 stars, I'm still an avid reader.

Supernothingman--This RT member hasn't updated in a while, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have great taste.

Vikki's Movie Reviews--Down for now, but the archives are still up.

Village Voice--Smart criticism and former home base of the late critic Pauline Kael.

General Movie Sites

Movie Posters Archive--A very nice site that both sells, analyzes, and just appreciates the general art of the movie poster.

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